AWARDS! The Most Inspirational GFS Ladies of the Year!

Girls For Sails Awards for Most Inspirational GFS Lady of the Year 2017! ??Amanda Jones

There were so many nominations we had to pick the Top 5!

*5th Place?? Jan Ryrie - 'For Surviving her second Cowes Week in F7 on the Bow and despite being under water for the most part she was grinning from ear to ear throughout!' Jan gets a GFS Long Sleeved Top!

*4th Place?? Barbara Coryn - 'Barbara pushes herself more than most people ever do, she has a hearing impairment but that didn't hold her back - she wants to learn everything!' Barbara gets a GFS Hoody!

*3rd Place?? Diane Smith - Diane may appear to be quiet but whatever she is faced with she does it with composure, strength and a fearlessness that I can only envy' - Diane gets £100 off any GFS event
*2nd Place ??Annabel Barouch - Annabel came to GFS having never sailed before. 'Annabel threw herself into the Spinnaker boat during Cowes week having only recently taken up sailing. (talk about baptism of Fire!). Despite her initial fear of the Spinnaker and all the close quarters racing she kept the team highly entertained throughout! And what's amazing is, she wasn't put off as she pursued her Day Skippers not long after- Congratulations!' Annabel wins a £200 voucher off her next GFS event
*1st Place ??Amanda Jones - Amanda came to GFS 18 months ago for a day sail during Cowes week. She then signed up for the Fastnet Campaign 2017! 'Amanda spent the first couple of qualifiers nervous on the helm, but not long after, she was helming the spinnaker day and night with a determination I haven't seen before!. Amanda now doesn't fit sailing round her life, she fits her life around sailing, Go Amanda!' Amanda wins a Weekend Racing in the Womens Open Keelboat Championships!

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