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11 Aug 2019 - 30 Aug 2019 £3995.00
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Venue: Cowes

Price from: £3995 per person

Duration: 20 Days

Girls For Sail Verdict

Whilst this race is not for the faint hearted, GFS will coach you and your fellow crewmates to push yourself to the limit and achieve the greatest feeling. The FASTNET is defintely one for the bucket list!! We have designed the programme so you can be a working professional & only need 7/8 days off work to complete this campaign. If you really want a challenge – both physical and mental, read on....   

What the Girls Had to Say

"Talking to other crews at the Fastnet finishing party, we didn’t find any other paying crewmember on other boats who had helmed the boat for a single minute. Without exception, they were all rail-fodder.  The opportunity to develop our own offshore racing skills on the Fastnet race, including hours at the helm if we wanted it, was a truly unique experience that completely sets GFS apart from the competition." Jemma Fastnet Campaign 2015

Starts: Cowes Shepards Wharf Marina Saturday 12 noon. Race starts Sunday.


Finishes: Plymouth on Friday for the party. Official end 9am Saturday


About The Event

In August 2019, more than 250 boats will meet at the start line in Cowes and head out on to the English Channel and across the Irish Sea heading towards infamous Fastnet Rock. After rounding the Rock they then continue past the Isles of Scilly and back to Plymouth to the finish line (with fantastic celebrations onshore). 

Over 600 miles of thrilling offshore racing, the Rolex Fastnet Race is one of the most prestigious racing events on the sailing calendar. Taking place every other year, it has earned the reputation as one of the most demanding offshore races and is widely considered one of the world's classic ocean races. Following on from our previous successful Fastnet campaigns we are excited to launch the 2017 campaign for ladies who want to participate in this amazing ocean race

Depending on weather conditions the race can take between 4-6 days and conditions can vary between light breezes to full-blown gales. The aim of our event is to safely compete whilst being as competitive as possible.

As a ladies team, we aim to improve on our 2017 position, bearing in mind that it really is the taking part that matters. This race will probably be one of the toughest events you will ever undertake in your life. We are a very experienced GFS crew and racing safely while having fun is paramount. You will be a key member of the team in helping to achieve success. 

You can check out RORC's video of the Rolex Fastnet Race in 2015 to see why so many sailors consider completing the race to be a highlight of their sailing career!


 The GFS Campaign Package includes:

-1 weekend of training for offshore conditions (2 days)  

-1 on shore-based training weekend (2 days)

-4 RORC qualifying races over weekends  (2/3 days each)

-The actual race itself Sat - Sat (7 days)


How does our Fastnet Campaign work?

Ideally, all crew members should complete 4 qualifying races together in order to enter the Fastnet race but the rules state that as long as more than half the crew do this, we are fine to take part

To maximise your experience it is fantastic to do them all, so get the diaries out and book early - it is well worth it. All events take place over weekends. If we have enough qualifying miles after 3 races, we may decide to use the fourth weekend to hone our racing skills instead but this will be for the team and skipper to decide.

What do the weekends entail? 

Weekend 1:  May  - team dinner, introduction and coaching

Weekend 2:  On shore training  Sea survival techniques/ ISAF Offshore Sailing Course

 ALL of the Off shore races & training Weekends cover an element of:

Helming on all points of sail

Sail trim including the use of a symmetrical spinnaker trimming

Boat speed, Teamwork, Effective boat handling techniques (upwind and downwind)

Yacht preparation, Meteorology, tidal and route tactics, Watch systems & living aboard, Heavy weather sailing, Use of modern navigation






Race 1: RORC Myth of Malham - the most popular

End May (bank holiday weekend) Race start time TBC

The RORC Myth of Malham race is also referred to as the 'Eddystone' Race, as the course takes you West around the Eddystone lighthouse and back. One of the longer weekend RORC races at 230nM this is a non-stop thrill-ride. Typically it is upwind to the lighthouse and a downhill spinnaker run back!  Starting on Saturday  the race usually takes 2 days. No time off needed at work as over bank holiday.

Race 2: RORC Morgan Cup

Mid June. Race start time TBC. From Cowes, Isle of Wight to the channel Islands we think. Race normally starts on Friday. Weekend will begin early!

The Morgan Cup race will head from Eastern Solent to Guernsey, via marks to set a course of 140nM, plus delivery back to Cowes. Race starts on Friday. Weekend will begin early time TBC

Race 3: RORC Dinard St Malo

Early July - Race start time TBC, normally early Friday.

Lovely sail across the channel to France! Approx 175 nm

Race 4: RORC Channel race

Iast weekend July- Race start time TBC. Flexi course race designed to last 24 - 36 hours, starting and finishing in the Solent- likely to be anti-clockwise round the island. C100-140nm.

Rolex Fastnet Race 

6th August - 608 mile race from Cowes, round the Fastnet Rock to finish in Plymouth. Race begins 12:00 on the Sunday, and estimated duration is around 5 days.

About the boat: 

We mostly coach on yachts of between 37 and 41ft. Our yachts have been specifically chosen as they are easy to handle, great for learning! There is no denying us girls sometimes don't have the physical strength of the boys but with our technical ability and a well-chosen yacht we can do just as well. You will usually find yourself aboard an Élan 37, Jeanneau 37 or a Beneteau 40.7. All of your time will be spent living as crew-mates on your yacht.  Most of the yachts are 9/10 berth yachts with 3 cabins and a saloon.


Why choose Girls for Sail?

 Offshore racing?! You won't be sitting on the rail with us! You are active in all those roles you've always dreamed of, from handling sails on the foredeck, mastering all those lines in the pit, trimming the spinnaker to confidently helming offshore- we will coach you throughout to become a vital member of the team.

Being part of an all female team- you won't be held back! 

 We pride ourselves on our levels of coaching.  There's no such thing as a 'silly' question!  There's no shouting onboard and as it's also your adventure we want you to have fun and go home satisfied with your time here! Not to mention you get to meet new lifelong friends! 

How many competitive sports are there, where ladies compete equally with men? The answer is very few, except yacht racing. If you really want to sail the Fastnet race and not just be a passenger then you need to come with us. You certainly won't be below making the tea. Check out our About Us pages for more information...

Our values are simple: Encourage, Support, Challenge and Respect! 


Whats Included in the price:

  ·       Professional  skipper and first mate

 ·        Introductory offshore training weekend

·         Shore based training weekend - ISAF Offshore & Sea Survival Course

·         Four RORC qualifying race weekends

·         Fastnet race date 5 - 6 days in August 

·         Breakfast & Lunch while training, and racing onboard

·         Girls for Sail branded Crew wear

·         Race entry fees

Not included?

 ·        Transport to and from Cowes and from Plymouth when the race is over

·         Insurance – personal

·         Evening meals/alcohol (ashore when not racing)

·         Sleeping bag/pillow

·         Wet weather clothing /gloves/knee pads/boots


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