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GirlsForSail has been successfully training women to sail since 1999. We have an outstanding record of training, coaching & encouraging more ladies into water based industries. DECKHANDS, INSTRUCTORS, DELIVERY SKIPPERS, HOSTESSES Etc. YachtmasterPRO is one of most popular professional career training packages we offer. This section of our offer training offers a range of dedicated intense training packages that support you attain 3 levels of yacht skipper qualifications. Day Skipper, Yachtmaster Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore Skipper. Add to it Ocean Yachtmaster and STCW95. This programme can be delivered in one longer period of time OR it can be attained in chunks of times - we call them 'modules'. These are designed with your time in mind so if any do not work for you please give us a call to enable us to tailor make them for you if we possibly can.

YACHTMASTER PRO Ocean = In 16 weeks you can come as a beginner & complete our most comprehensive programme in 16 weeks.  

YACHTMASTER PRO  = In 15 weeks  you can come as a beginner and complete your Yachtmaster Offshore qualification.

YACHTMASTER FAST-TRACK = 11 weeks. Join with basic knowledge and complete your yachtmaster offshore qualification

Alternatively start on any of the modules dependant on your level of experience. Call 01983 282867 for advice or info@girlsforsail.com

 Module 1          Beginner - Day skipper  (3-4 weeks)

Module 2          Day Skipper - Coastal Skipper (6-8 weeks)

Module 3          Coastal skipper - Yachtmaster Offshore (2-3 weeks)

STCW95, Ocean Yachtmaster, Radar + other courses are available

*Each student needs time off during their programme. We calculate & aim to allow for between 1-2 days rest each week for a YMPro dependant on the intensity of the passages being undertaken. 

Call 01983 282867 for advice or info@girlsforsail.com

 See our role models for some examples of ladies who have made their careers!

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