ARC Atlantic Crossing

Race Across the Atlantic with Girls for Sail!

Join us for the event of a lifetime and sail across the Atlantic with us to beautiful St Lucia in the Caribbean!

The annual ARC (or Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) is the largest trans-Atlantic sailing event in the world, attracting over 200 boats and 1,200 people every year to cruise or race the 2,700 miles from Las Palmas in the Canary Islands to the fabulous island of St Lucia. Everyone from families with children to professional racers, cruising couples and boats big and small take part - the atmosphere and camaraderie before, during and after the crossing is simply brilliant!

We're amazingly proud of our history of competing in the ARC - we celebrated our tenth crossing in 2015, with our fantastic skipper Nicky winning the award for being the youngest skipper in the whole race for the last two years running - and finishing seventh in class last year out of 19, a tremendous achievement when you consider we were racing with a largely novice crew!

We place a huge emphasis on safety for the ARC, not only following the organisers of the World Cruising Association safety guidelines but ensuring there are two fully qualified RYA skippers on board, the boat is fully coded and equipped with all possible safety equipment including a satellite phone, EPIRB, lifejackets, liferaft and grab bag as well as being fitted with a tracker so we can follow the boat's position throughout back in the UK.

The sense of achievement from completing what is for most sailors an absolute rite of passage by crossing the Atlantic is HUGE! What is more, we have ladies of all ages who have completed the ARC with us - our oldest customer to date was 69! Proof that age is absolutely no barrier and that you're never too old to tick something so extraordinary off your bucket list!

Why not make this the year YOU do something extraordinary and join us on the ARC?


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