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Girls For Sail - UK RYA Sailing Courses For Women, Atlantic Ocean Sailing and Caribbean Holidays

Learning to sail can be a truly life changing experience - and here at Girls for Sail we've been encouraging women to sail since 1999, so we think we know what we're talking about!

Traditionally sailing might once have been considered a sport only the very rich and wealthy could afford - and there were very few female sailors. Those times are long gone!

Sailing simply has to be one of the world's best kept secrets - not only is it a great way to keep fit and healthy (imagine spending a day on a constantly moving boat out in the fresh air and you can see why!) but it can be as relaxing or as adrenaline-fuelled as you want it to be...whether it's leisurely cruising, crossing oceans or haring around a race course trying to beat the competition! 

'My name is Annie and I started Girls for Sail because I became frustrated with the lack of sailing events on offer for women. I started sailing by accident many years ago in Australia and was instantly hooked. However, the more I sailed, the more I saw immense wasted opportunities to encourage more women to try sailing and then to stick with it! Women are fantastic to sail with, and though they may not always be as physically as strong as men, they have great potential to sail brilliantly using technique, tactics and great teamwork. Just look at what Tracey Edwards and Shirley Robertson have achieved - and as for Ellen and Dee, respect ladies!


I became convinced that I could develop a variety of competitively priced holidays/weekend breaks that would delight girls of all ages and abilities. Sailing is often a very male-oriented sport, which is reflected in many of the available holidays and introductions to the sport. Sailing does not have to be an endurance test - it can be exciting and FUN! So, I left my career and went in search of opportunities around the world to excite and thrill you.

And here they are!

Whether you fancy a shot at crewing during Antigua race week, the excitement of Cowes, a UK RYA sailing course or a casual weekend learning to sail, Girls for Sail aims to have a holiday to suit you whether that be in the U.K., the Canaries or in our base in St Lucia in the sunny and beautiful Caribbean. And if we don't, contact us and we will see if we can arrange one! Whatever you desire, we hope that you find an event that appeals to you so that we may have the pleasure of your company in the future.'

'See you on the water!'

All the Girls for Sail team x

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